heart song

The movie “Happy Feet” had a scene where the little penguins where asked to give their teacher an example of their “Heart song”.  As movies go it was very entertaining, this morning I awoke with the thought on my mind”what is your hearts song?”.

The question took on a life of it’s own consuming my thoughts. What gives me my greatest joy, makes me smile, and brightens my world? What fills my life with it’s sweet aroma saturating my senses?

There are pleasures I behold with my eyes that are so amazing in all surrounding me. The formation of the clouds on a clear day, the majesty of the moon and stars in the night sky, the smell of the air after a spring rain and the magnificence of a rainbow.

All cause my heart to smile; the softness of a baby’s skin, their first smile and their first words reminds me of the greatness of our creator. How fearfully, wonderful and intricately we are made. Each body part having it’s own value all working together to benefit the whole.

The melody that once heard lingers in the mind long after the song has ended, the words “I love you” spoken by someone you admire, or that surprise visit from someone you have not seen in a long time. All of these makes the heart smile.

These are all examples of love was my conclusion, this revelation made me want to jump for joy; I hadn’t realized how God shows his love to me in nature, in the simple pleasures of life, and in all who touch my life with their lives.

After giving this matter my undivided attention I have concluded my heart song is “Love”.  Love for a heavenly Father who loved me before I knew how to love myself, Love for the stranger I meet along the journey.

Love for family and friend, love for all nature and  created works of the Father and love for those deemed to be unlovable. Love is the sweet perfume that permeates my life and gives my heart it’s song.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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