cleansing tide

Most of us never give any thought to the importance of the rain. To some the rain becomes an inconvenience, especially when it impedes our progress or confines us not allowing us to accomplish our plans for the day.

On hot summer days we welcome brief showers that cool us off for a moment; gentle rain falling on blades of grass and softly kissing the flower petals. The sun peaks from behind the rain clouds floating quietly away.

It’s warmth soaks up the droplets of love left behind by the rain. How often do we take the time to reflect on the changes that occur after the rain; the air smells fresher, the grass is greener and all nature lifts it’s voice in praise and thanksgiving.

The rain is a cleansing tide that rejuvenates whatever it touches creating new life. The miracle of the rain has not gone unnoticed by the enemy of all creation. As with everything he touches he changes it for the worse.

In his hands the rain becomes destructive, all consuming, and deadly.  He uses it to destroy and cause havoc in the lives of all created things. His goal is to use any and everything he can to blemish the Fathers world.

To remove the joy of life, cause doubt in his love for his creatures, and eliminate our trust in him. We can be thankful that he is a defeated foe, no weapon he forms against us will prosper and every test will be our testimony.

Every mountain will lift us higher and every river will keep us moving forward. We just have to remember the promise, after every storm; comes the rainbow.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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