a life well lived

Have you heard the expression,” a life well lived”? Do you ever ponder what that means? There are many views on what makes one successful in life all of them different. Some would say riches, others family,still others long life, and we can’t forget those who consider having all of these during their lifetime along with good health is the epitome of success.

As you can see being successful in life is subjective to a persons condition and experiences. I’m reminded of the stories of two men who where very different, yet; their lives would be considered well lived. Both lived many many years age in a land not readily remembered today. One was by all accounts a very successful man.

He had wealth, health, family and was highly recognized among his peers, he was also a man of great faith in a loving creator. Without warning all he had was lost; his wealth,family, his health and his standing in his community. It was assumed by those looking on at these life events he was a cursed man.

Sometimes life is funny that way, the unexpected is never expected to happen. However, with everything he was enduring his faith remained in tact. His belief in a loving creator was still strong. Because of his faith he was restored to a position that was greater than his previous circumstances.

His family was restored, his wealth and health, and his standings in his community was better than before.As with the cycle of life it could be said of him when his journey here was over,”he had a life well lived”.   The second man was born into what would be considered poverty by the standard of his day.

He was at one time considered homeless in that he had no dwelling place, he had no earthly wealth, he was often rejected by his community and regarded an outlaw. His greatest possession was love. Through adversity he remained committed to his purpose; to open the eyes of the blind,set captives free, and open the ears of the deaf. He too was a man of great faith.

You would think these acts of charity to others would make him a man of good standing among his peers, yet; he was despised by those in power who felt his presences was a threat. He was a clear reflection of what they were not. It didn’t matter that he changed many lives for the good.

He was an example of real love removing the bonds of the people who were chained by the laws of those in power and teaching the love and forgiveness of a great creator. Quickly he became the enemy that must be eliminated by the very people who were proclaimed to be the keepers of the creators laws. however they failed to recognize him who was the creators only begotten son.

Their envy and hate killed him, by their actions his purpose was fulfilled. They didn’t take his life as they thought, he willing gave his life for the lost. Death could not hold him it had to let him go, in 3 days he was alive again; alive forever more. The question comes to mind was his a life well lived? The answer resounds loud and clear, yes.

His legacy remains he came that we too can be free,the life sacrifice he made by his shed blood covers you and me. Not fortune, fame or praise of man can determine the value of life. Only when the love of the redeemer inhabits the heart can it be said of man, “he had a life well lived”.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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