Taking the first step

The first step is often the hardest one to take, however; when you take it the next one to follow will seem easier. It’s making the decision to move that causes anxiety.  Our minds become influenced by all the things that we could encounter should we choose to make the step.

While life is filled with uncertainty we must trust we are capable of making the right decision if we step out in faith. To second guess our decision will cause doubt, doubt then causes immobilization.  The door is then opened for the enemy to attack.

He will use any road block or obstacle he can use to keep us at a stand still, the longer we postpone making a decision the stronger his hold becomes. By the time we decide we are so entangled in his trap, we need to be rescued; we are incapable of moving on our own.

Before reaching this point it is necessary to take the power from doubt, we must starve our doubt so our faith can grow.  We have the promise of victory when we step out in faith holding the hand of our redeemer, Jesus the Christ.

It is by his power that our faith will unlock the chains the enemy binds us with and by his grace we over come. He alone can give us the drive and determination to move. Each step we take with him increases our strength to take the next step.

There is one step the enemy never wants us to take, it is his desire to separate us from the Saviour permanently, he is defeated when we place our hands in the hand of the master, surrender to his leading, trust completely in him, and take the step of faith.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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