Escape from the pig pen

How often as a child did you say to yourself “I’m going to be rich and famous when I grow up/” We dream of what we think will make us happy, money and fame; the more the merrier.  Every parent wants to build a future that will leave a rich inheritance to their children.

They will sacrifice their desires to ensure a legacy for the next generation.  As their journey comes to an end, the inheritance is claimed by those who remain; they have not worked for it and in some cases may not be deserving of it.

Inheritances are good for those who are well grounded but sometimes receiving riches will draw many of us away from Gods plan for our lives. We want to do our own thing, yet; the good times never last long when not guided by wisdom which is through the Holy Spirit.

We become caught up in the deception of the enemy, our judgment is faulty, our morals decay, and we lose sight of the light of Gods love. We find ourselves easily swayed from the path we should be walking. Without warning we are immersed in the pig pen of life, the more we struggle to be free the deeper we sink.

It is by Gods grace and love we are rescued from the pig pen. His love reaches into the muck causing us to come to our senses. The Holy Spirit then gives us the understanding that we can go home again. The Father is waiting to welcome us back into his arms, clean us up, and forgive us.

We must decide to go home knowing home is the best place for us. Fall at the feet of the Father who loves us so much asking his forgiveness.  We must not be afraid to return to the father’s house where the greatest love resides.  He longs for his children to come home.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of Grace.



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