Still Waters

On the surface the river lazily moves pass the shore line, clouds drift slightly above the green mountain tops, and the sunlight reflecting off the water says” all is well”. Nature at it’s finest a display of love so splenderous and bountiful, creatures great and small enjoying her delights. The silence of the river calls beckoning to all to come repose upon her peaceful breast.

But beneath her surface lies a under current that is deceptive and deadly. If caught in it’s clutches destruction awaits.  Many times the river lures those unprepared into her bosom never to emerge again. So it is with our earthly walk; on the surface every thing appears to be moving quietly along the shore line of life indicating “all is well”.

Our smiles adorn our faces just as the clouds grace the mountain tops,, yet; beneath the surface the under current of selfishness, self righteousness, unforgiveness, hatred and indifference stirs. Those caught in it’s clutches risk character assassination, isolation, betrayel and all manner of negative attacks from the enemy of mankind.

These attacks are sometmes so destructive they are hard to recover from, often they are perpetrated by well meaning participants; those who think their intentions are honorable but their actions place them in the service of the wrong captain. The river is not always calm and peaceful nor is life’s journey.

It is necessary during times of discord and upheaval to be prepared to endure the storm, to maneuver the strong currents, and survive until calm water is found. In preparation for rough water we must be taught by the Master of seas; he is knowledgeable of where every strong current resides waiting to claim a victim, where every trap or pitfall of the enemy hides waiting to ensnare.

When we choose him to be our captain our victory is sure, we will have many obstacles to over come but we will be victorious. Sometimes we may seem to be in dark waters for extended periods of time, yet; there is light at the end of the tunnel. We must be rooted and grounded in the knowledge our captain’s love for us will never lead us to a destructive end.

we can trust he knows what is best, we can depend on him completely, and he will never abandon ship. With him at the helm, though the water maybe choppie the sailing will be smooth.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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