Nothing like family

As a child I can remember my mother saying”teeth & tongue fall out but they still need each other.”  Her statement always puzzled me but I never asked her to explain. I have come to understand that the human body is just like a family. Each member is dependant upon the other, without any of them the body would need to make adjustments to still function effectively.

Whatever affects one member of the body will have an impact on the others, hands without fingers or feet without toes; the ability to hold objects would be hindered and our balance impaired. Our bodies have been designed so that each entity compliments the other.  We had no part in it’s conception or creation, that’s right we are created beings born from the love of the Father Creator.

He chose the earthly parents we would have and all that make up the family. Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandma, papa and the cousins.  He also places people in our lives that become extended family, although there is no blood ties the bond by love is great. Every family is different with different compositions; some small, some very large, some  very loving but some not so much.

We are part of the family unit, however; our life journeys are different. Each member of the family has been appointed  a road to travel that is designed to reunite us with the Father of all that was created.  Because he gave us the gift of choice, our choices then determine the consequences we will face along the journey, our victories and defeats. Many of us think those choices only affect us. We fail to realize that like the body, the family is one unit and what happens to one member affects all the members.

When we make decisions that impacts us negatively the ripples from the consequences continue, in that same light when our decisons bring positive consequences  the ripple also continues. The example we set can impact the entire family resulting in good or bad behavior based on the choices. Like the Father Creator the love of the family is undaunted by the the wrong choices we make.

The family members maybe disappointed but they will still love & support, they maybe confused by your choice but they will never desert,  and they may even be angry but they will forgive.  The love that permeates the heart links each member together in an unbreakable chain of gold that will eventually lead back to the original LOVE source, The Father Creator. There is nothing more amazing then the love of family.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.





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