Smiling faces

Not every smile is one of joy, many of us hide our pain and heartbreak behind a smile. The outward appearence dosen’t always display the inward experience. smiling faces don’t always reveal the truth. We meet each other sometimes we shake hands or hug all with a smile on our face, but; what does our hearts say? Dose it pump with excitement or joy at the touching of the hand or the embrace one with the other?

Is jealousy, envy, or mistrust seething on the inside as we give the outward expression of joy and happiness. The smile we wear is just a mask we put on to cover up the truth of what we are really feeling.  However; there is no guarantee the deception won’t be recognized.  There are times when no matter how we try even our smiles can’t hide the pain we are feeling inside.

It is during these times we must reflect on the experiences in life that bring us to a place of joy; the first laughter of a child, their first words spoken, their first steps, the first time your heart fluttered at the words “I love you”, and the first smile the graced their little face.  Our life experience will not always be those which promote joy & happiness, cloudy days will from time too time darken our sky; but they will not last.

When storms come they bring cleansing, restoration, and rainbows.  As we whether the storm we grow stronger to meet the next challenge we might face. Every new opportunity will provide us a reason to smile, not of necessity; but of accomplishment. The joy derived will be a outward expression of the love we have inside, it’s glow so radiant it will warm all that it’s light falls upon.

It will be a direct reflection of the Fathers love streaming through us. He is constantly watching over us calling us to partake of his love which never ends, his joy which cannot be measured and happiness with him which is eternal. He invites us to remove the mask we hide behind and allow him to give us a true reflectin of joy in our smiles. Joy that will shine even through the darkest clouds.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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