Journey to the Stars

There are numerous ways to travel. Car, train, bus, by air, and walking.  In most of these forms of travel there is a cost involved.  When moving by automobile you must have gas, by train, bus, or air you must buy tickets and even though with walking no monetary value is needed, you must be physically able too endure the journey.

For each journey preparation is required; when should it begin, how long will it take, what will be needed for it’s completion, and what will it cost.  We must also consider if we’ll travel alone or with companionship and what will be accomplished at journeys end. Is there a lesson to be learned? At the culmination of the journey will you have learned the lesson.

Our lives are a constant journey; we travel through moments of joy, tears, disappointment, heart break, sorrow, renewal, regeneration,  high mountains and low valleys. Along the way we interact in the lives of others as they interact in our lives. For some their direction is unclear, their destination unknown, and their preparation unsure. They are just traveling not knowing what the end will be.

Some have not fully committed to the journey, they started but somewhere along the way they  began considering discontinuing the journey altogether;  to them life no longer holds hope for them. Then there are those who’s destination is clear; there journey is to the stars. They have fixed there direction on the path that the saviour traveled.

Their preparation is found in his word and his earthly example. They have committed to his leading. Sometimes they will have inclimate weather, yet; he has promised to bring them into sunshine and cloudless skies. They never travel alone he is their constant companion. They declare their focus is on a home beyond the stars not constructed by the hands of man. A home from which they will never journey.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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