Earthly Angels= parents

What can be accomplished in nine months? Bulbs and seeds are planted in the soil, with the right nourishment flowers spring forth and the food is produced. However, there is a waiting period involved with both.  As the flower grows it peeks it’s green stem through the soil, then the bloom. Our crops do the same, first the vine then the grapes.

In nature, each species reproduces in kind; birds produce birds, elephants produce elephants, and fish produce fish. Man produces man, the woman is the depository of man’s seed; over nine months a little form takes place. A tiny head, two eyes, arms, legs, hands, and feet.  A tiny little nose, mouth, and ears along with a beating heart.

During the child’s development, it feeds on the nourishment the woman is ingesting whether good or bad, the emotions she experiences both happy and sad, and the love she feels is all absorbed by the child growing inside of her.  Birth comes after the child has come to full term which is normally 9 months. There are times, however, when the child comes early. This is a premature birth and may require special care.

Once the child comes forth the woman receives a new title, Mother. With this title comes a lifetime of commitment, unconditional love, selflessness, and sacrifice. Not all women who give birth are equipped to meet the challenge of motherhood, these relinquish their responsibility of being a mother. The man then steps up to accept the responsibility playing the role of both parents.

Likewise, the man also receives a new title, father. Not all men are equipped to accept the challenge of fatherhood which leaves the woman the responsibility of playing the role of both parents. Both the mother and father who rises to the challenge are God’s earthly angels, the child God’s precious gift to them. He instilled a little of himself in each of our hearts teaching us how to love.

Yet, mothers and fathers seem to have a greater kind of love; love that knows no bounds or limits, that always forgives, love that endures through great trials, and love that sees no faults. Love that always seeks good for their loved ones. Just as we are God’s children and most important in his eyes, so is the child in his parent’s eyes.  Just as God in the form of Jesus the Christ did willingly give his life for us, his creation.

So should the mothers and fathers of the children they love be willing to sacrifice themselves. As his angel’s parents are to love and care for their children the same way God our Father loves and cares for us, his children.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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