His Story

History is a people’s story, unfortunately; it is told from the perspective of those who have conquered failing to realize those who are conquered have their own story to tell. This country has such a story, explorers came to this land and claimed it as their own subjecting it’s occupants to cruelty and even death.

As it grew it became a conglomerate of many people’s stories intertwined into one story. Bits and pieces of each contributing to the whole. Some given a predominate place while others eliminated altogether.  It has chronicled moments of greatness, moments of fear, moments of separation and moments of unity.

The principles on which it was founded was designed to give all the right to live free and worship as they chose. Yet, those who sought freedom; denied freedom to others. We have forgotten as they did the story being written is not ours; but, HIS STORY. He who spoke and light appeared.

He who gave the birds their song, who fills the clouds with his tear and loves all his creatures great and small.With his own hands the dust from the ground he created man, from man; the woman. The two were his crowning glory perfect in every way. A perfect story had begun written by the hand of God.

He gave his children all they needed in a perfect paradise, but being deceived paradise was lost and man was left to pay the cost. The penalty was death, payment for sin; the decay of creation had begun. The master has recorded each day how far his children have gone astray.

He sees and reads the heart, he hears the tears we shed, and his heart is broken with each act of man’s inhumanity to man. With a broken heart, he could have closed the book deciding to write no more; but his love for his children was just too strong to ever let them go.

Choosing to rewrite the story changing its final outcome, he sent to man his only son. The son willingly came knowing the burden he must bear to reclaim the lost children his father holds so dear.Blood was shed to show his love for all who had gone astray. The same love is here for you and me today.

The story still continues each chapter written by love from the hand of God. The legacy of love left by the son has given the world great hope, that when the last chapter is written before the book is closed; all the lost children will have returned home.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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