The triplets and the mouslings a fable

Once upon a time in a place called Dreamland was a little village filled with quaint little house’s, one orphanage, one church, one hospital and one school. In the orphanage lived a set of triplets; 2 little girls and their brother.

Though their lives were dark and dreary most of the time they had fallen in love with 3 little mouselings who’s mother had abandoned them or was caught by those who ran the orphanage. These mouselings were the sunshine in their little lives that erases the darkness.

None of them could imagine how things would change until a new family moved to the town that had no children but wanted a child very badly. The wife and her husband went to the orphanage and instantly fell in love with the youngest girl of the set of triplets.

They were separated and if that wasn’t bad enough, one of the mouselings was caught and sent to the research department at the hospital.  Afterward, the children left behind became very sad, they lost their sister and friend at the same time. Nothing would ever be the same again.

All the children and the mouselings became very ill and no one understood why, their bond of love was broken; the sunlight was drowned out by the darkness. While this story came from the land of dreams; I know of the greatest love story ever written.

The Father loved so much he gave. The son loved his father so much he came and he gave that he who was not worthy could be made worthy through his giving. The gift is eternal life; it couldn’t be obtained by purchase of man. Only by acceptance for it was freely given.

It’s price paid by the Son of the Father at the cross of Calvery. His life was real, not a fable; his death was real, not a fable and his resurrection is real, not a fable. The love he gives is all encompassing it erases all darkness, all fear, all anger, all malice and selfishness from all who will accept it.

When we accept the love of the Son we also have the love of the Father, they are ONE.  As he was resurrected so shall we be if we accept him into our lives, love as he loved and trust his word. His word is not a book of fables but is the sword of Truth.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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