Tradition or truth

For years we have celebrated events the same way our parents did, it became our tradition. We all tend to do things that and familiar and comfortable. Seldom do we consider the origins of the events we celebrate.

As Passover approaches we prepare to celebrate a tradition called Easter. Most of us will dress our children in a new outfit and shoes for their debut in the Easter play, we’ll prepare a special dinner and after dinner an egg hunt.

The celebration of Easter, however; has its roots in a pagan festival in honour of Eastra the Goddess of spring. It was symbolic of the rebirth and renewal of the season which was celebrated at the spring equinox.

The Goddess was represented by the hare(rabbit) an animal that represents the arrival of spring and fertility of the season. The egg also represented fertility as well as the Sun. During the eighth century, this celebration was adopted by the Christian church.

Easter was given a new representation, the Ressurection of Jesus the Christ.  He rose from death on the 1st Sunday after his crucifixion which was the third day after his death on the cross.  This too signalled rebirth and renewal.

The Jewish leaders were so ingrained in their traditions they couldn’t accept the truth in the teachings of the Christ as he revealed them to the people. They knew the miracles he performed couldn’t be explained; yet, they refused to believe in him. Putting him to death.

The question is are we like the Jewish leaders? as Christians have we become so ingrained in the traditions of the past that we miss the sight of the truths of the Gospel we are to share with others. We must be willing to meet those needing truth where they are, not where we think they should be.

This Resurrection season celebrate by sharing the story of unconditional love, great sacrifice, and redemptive grace.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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