Is it really your thang?

“It’s your thang do what you want to do, I can’t tell you who to give it too”! Too some of you these words are very familiar, but many of you have never heard them before. They indicate it’s OK to be promiscuous no one can judge the decisions you make concerning how you use your body.

I find it very interesting how the message in the music is sometimes overlooked because the mind is captivated by the rythum or groove associated with the song. The beat captures our attention while the message seeps into our minds under the radar. The messages we receive promote sex, violence, greed, self gratification and building popularity.

The world we live in is so immersed in decay caused by the evil that is spreading like wildfire. We have lost sight of love, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.  We are desensitized to the working of the enemy; he has told us”it’s your thang do what you want to do”, but is it really?

The word of the Father given for instructions to his children teaches we are bought with the price of Holy Blood and we are not our own. Our bodies are to be the dwelling place of his Spirit, it shouldn’t be defiled. We are to respect our body temple by protecting it from anything that is unclean.

We are to guard our minds against thoughts that are contrary to the will of our Creator. Wrong thoughts lead to wrong actions which lead to sin. The enemy is very cunning so we must be alert at all times. We must guard where our feet travel carrying the message of love into dark places.

Unless we’re fortified by the love of Jesus the Christ and under the protection of the Holy Spirit we must not walk on the enemies territories. Although we see decay and evil all around us, we must allow our eyes to feast on the beauty of nature that also surrounds us. There is beauty in everything the Creator has touched.

Because we have been tainted by the evil of this world the Father sent us redemption through the blood of his son, the blood of sacrificing love bringing rebirth. When we accept his gift of redemption we belong to him, no longer are we in control of our destiny. We can no longer do our own thang but must conform to do the Jesus thang.

We must walk in his shoes;love unconditionally all we meet, feed and shelter those in need and glorify the Father in the living of our lives.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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