The ultimate defense

The quarter back is the most important position on a football team. While every member of the team is needed for a successful team, the quarter back leads the ship.

Though little is said about the linebacker, he is the star of the show to the quarter back. His role is paramount to the qb fulfilling his role.

Before the game the coach plans a strategy with his team for a win, he calls plays from the sideline to the qb to implement as the game goes forth.

The linesmans job is to give the qb the time he needs to implement the play by protecting him from the other teams charging players.

When the linebacker does his job, the qb can do his job, the reciever can do his job and a score will be the result of each team member working together.

Miscommunication does happen giving the opportunity for the opposition to make contact putting the qb flat on his butt. However, he must get up shake it off and get back in the game.

He must have the ability to think on his feet, his decision could be the factor that determines a win or loss for his team. Life is sometimes like a football game.

Each day we are given life we plan that days activities, we are the coach. Because we don’t know what the day will bring we stay apprehensive and guarded. Just when we think we have made it life hits us in the face; down we go.

Our defense was inadequate, that defense began with self leading the way. To navigate the game of life we require a coach that is all knowing, who can see beyond our limited scope, and knows the strategy of the opposition we will face.

We will only find that in God the father, when we meet with him in prayer giving him control we set the tone for the day. This meeting implements his will over ours and the ultimate defender is called to duty.

Our defense is unstoppable we are protected on every side through the Holy Spirit which is given by the father at the request of the son. We only need to follow his game plan without altering or doubting any of his plans.

We may not always understand his ways but we must trust they will lead us to victory.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of Grace


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