A bottle filled with tears

There’s a saying “the eye is the window to the soul.” These two small parts of the body have a very important function, through them we have vision to the world. Whenever our eyes are impacted we can only vaguely recognize what our vision reveals too us. Many things we come in contact with can cause problems for the eyes.

Sometimes it’s disease, sometimes injury’s, the elements and sometimes physical or spiritual blindness. Blindness is defined as complete or nearly complete vision loss, the ability to see is no more. There was a time when the loss of vision was a life doomed to darkness, one had to make his way with the help of family or friends. There was no cure for this condition.

Today we have medical advancements which allow for the restoration of sight. “For God gives wisdom and knowledge and joy to man who is good in his sight” it is through this knowledge we have these advancements. We are broken at times by the conflicts of life, interaction with family and friends, and sharing the sorrow of those who are experiencing trials.

We Express this brokenness with tears, they are tears of sadness; we celebrate great joy also with tears, they are tears of gladness.  I have heard it said “God store’s all our tears in bottles”, wouldn’t that be wonderful if true. Too know God takes the time to care about the tears we shed.

Well, he does; he cares about the burden’s you bare and he cares about your lack of vision concerning him. From the time you were conceived in your mother’s womb he has loved you. He watched attentively as you grew and whispered in your ears Everytime he saw you headed in the wrong directions.

He has never left your side even though you choose to walk away from him. He sees the way life has tossed you up and down and wants to calm your stormy life seas. He wants to restore your vision healing your blindness. You will clearly recognize his love for you in all your eyes behold. Draw closer to him and he will draw closer to you.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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