Long dark night

As a child i remember being told that in Alaska it was dark for 6 months of the year and light for 6 months of the year. I found it hard to fathom being in the dark for that long a period, nor could i fathom having day without night for that long either.

I always wondered how would one function under these circumstances. As an adult i recognize we are designed in a way that allows us to adapt to whatever circumstances we find ourselves inudated with.

Being created in the image of a all powerful, intelligent and orderly creator we are endowed with certain traits of his character;however, they must be developed in each of us.

Many of us journey through life in that dark night of self, we attribute all that we are and do too our own knowledge, wisdom and power. We become the God of our own universe.

We have no light outside of self, the elements God placed of himself in us are not developed so we have no need of him.  Many journey through life seeking what they call enlightenment.

These live in the day but they too need to develop those elements the creator has placed in each of us of himself. They believe once a state of enlightenment is attained they become Gods. On some level this too is self exhausting.

Life however is about balance and order, when we watch nature it teaches how our creator is about balance and order. The moon rises at its appointed time after the sun has set at its appointed time. The season’s change at their appointed time and our lives begin and end at his appointed time.

It is through the development of God’s character within us we find balance in our lives. We have been given a guide to developing these traits in the Holy Spirit.  When we allow the spirit to do his work in our lives self is denounced and we come out of the dark night into the light of love found in Christ.

The holy spirit will lead those seeking to the true light that lights the whole world which we have in Christ our redeemer. We will attain balance when we give the reigns over to him who created life in us from the beginning.

As the dark night ends and day springs forth we will rejoice in praise to the only one worthy of praise; our creator. Our redeemer. Our God

My revelation as i sit by the pool of grace




One thought on “Long dark night

  1. A beautiful revelation ma…thank you for sharing. I feel in the dark….but I’m holding on…I love you so much.


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