Hold on, I’m coming

There was a very popular tune some years ago which said “hold on I’m coming”my favorite line in the tune was “reach out to me for satisfaction, call my name for a quick reaction”.  Another tune that was well known was “ain’t no mountain high enough”, both indicated there was help waiting for the asking.

The uncertainty of life causes us to feel hopeless, despondent, and at times lost. Our problems seem insurmountable and unsolvable, we become submerged in the doubt we’ll never survive them. Nothing we do works out for our benefit. Everyone around us seem to prosper, worry free of life’s cares and woe.

We tend to put on our false face showing a smile to the world, while our heart is crying inside. We try so hard to solve our own problems without consulting the greatest problem solver. If we would just remember he has said ” take my yoke upon you for my yoke is easy and my burden is light” we would give him all our cares.

We would rest in the assurance he can handle them. During his time on the earth he spent his time solving the people’s  problems. Some he healed of blindness , some of deafness, some he raised from death and some he loses their tongues that they spoke.

His power came from constant communication with his Father. He has granted to us through his spirit access to him that we might receive help in times of trouble, healing when needed, and his joy in sorrow. So I say to you when your clouds are the darkest, lift your voice and call on his name then just ” hold on, he’s coming.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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