Feed my flock

Life is a very precious gift, each breath taken assures us life is present. Each waking moment is an opportunity to make a difference in our world, our families, and in our own lives. Our lives are sustained by nourishment, clean air, fresh water, sunshine and the grace of a loving Creator.

Whenever any of these elements are denied or decreased the health suffers; the physical body is weakened and the mental health is impaired. Continual denial of any of these can eventually cause the demise of the body, life ceases to exist.

Just as it is important too give the physical and mental elements of man what it needs our spiritual man must be properly feed. In each of us there is a place in the heart that can only be filled by him. Once filled we are complete.

As the physical man is strengthen by nourishment, fresh water and clean air our spiritual man is strengthen by constant communication with the father, daily study of his word, and submission to the leading of his holy Spirit.

Jesus has commissioned us too lead others to him by the sharing of his story of unconditional love for lost souls. Sheep gone astray without a shepherd. He has said “I am the good shepherd, no one comes to the Father except through me.”

Those of us who have found their way to the light of love are to pass to those seeking the directions that they can find him. We are to feed the flock of which we are all members. The Shepard seeks more diligently those who have lost their way.

His desire is that all should be saved and reclaimed to dwell in safe boarders, however; he will not force us to accept his safety. We must choose to be his sheep and allow him to be our shepherd.

When one lost sheep returns to the fold the Shepard rejoices with all of heavens Angels for that lost sheep is more important than those who were not lost. As children of the most high we are to love our sister’s and brothers.

It is only by the Father’s  grace we are no longer lost sheep, so let the love of the father flow through us too feed the flock.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace




One thought on “Feed my flock

  1. Oh Ma, this is so true. I’ve been so neglectful and presumptuous over the temple I was given….being here at Wildwood has shown me that. …I only pray that I can be restored so I can help others be restored. Thank you for sharing such a powerful reminder!


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