Your eyes are open,yet; you are blind!!

It is said”man is most vulnerable when he is secure in his own power to control himself”.  Often this gives the enemy of mankind the opportunity to mislead and and beguile him. The need to control other’s, the hunger for power, and the desire for wealth become his his weapons.

Those who seek these earthly attributes become his puppets, the heart is invaded by the dark nature of evil and self is lifted up. We are instructed to beware of these deceptions, the enemy is capable of displaying himself in a positive light.

History has taught us how easily we can be deceived. With open eyes we give our collective power to those who promise to work for the good of all. However, those we trust are blind too the needs of those they represent. “I before you” is their mates which often leaves “you” needing and wanting.

Power like evil is all consuming, only those whose hearts are filled and transformed by the blood of Christ will know how to use power for the good of all. When Christ is not present in the heart, man is controlled controlled by his own selfish desire to be great.

When evil is allowed to Reign in a position of power, all who don’t accept the evil will suffer. Evil knows no mercy, does not forgive, does not forget, it isn’t understanding and there is no truth in it. Morales decay, lies become true, confusion becomes normal and peace is obsolete.

The eyes of man are open yet he is blind too the destruction too come, injustice that is consuming our world, to power hungry leaders who decide what our lives will be, to the lawlessness that’s engulfed our society and too their own  blindness.

We are lost children submerged in the darkness  of sin, our vision is distorted we can’t clearly see the way to the light. We must wake from our slumber, recognize we need help too free us from this sin filled existence.

The answer is in the greatest power of all, the return of the king of kings and Lord of lords. He has defeated the enemy in times past and will totally eradicate him and his followers upon his return. The time draws near his return is imminent; will you be ready?

The signs of his coming are clear, so trouble not your self with the action of evil men for every man shall give account of his actions before the righteous judge of the universe. Time is short turn your eyes from evil and gaze  into the face of love, let your heart be consumed by it’s light,ask forgiveness and allow him to heal your blindness that you will see truth.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace



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