The time is now

Last year has died leaving only memories behind. The new year lies ahead giving way to great possibilities. Man has been given the opportunity to display what is imbedded inside his heart. It is said “from the heart the mouth speaks”.

But can the heart be trusted? Again it is said “the heart is deceitful, from it comes blessings and curses” this should not be. Only the love of God can change a heart. We consider the heart a symbol of love, yet; our actions are contrary to our profession.

We must remember the wolf can come in sheep’s clothing and his deception will cause many to be deceived then lost. It has been said ” if a man tells you who he is, believe him”.  The time is now too wake from sleep.

The time is now too take off blinders and see the true character of those you give your time and allegiance. Evil does not separate but will engulf all in its path. Only through the fortifications of Christ can there be clear vision.

Only through the Holy Spirit can the enemy be recognized and only through the power of God will he be defeated.  We must be alert at all times. He is very subtle, he shows himself to be the best for you on one hand while planning your demise on the other.

The time is now too seek the face of him who knows all and sees all, ask for wisdom and understanding, and strength to stand when the winds of evil begin too blow. We must be prepared for the war too come.

We must aide those who fall prey to the deceiver, give all we have to the service of the Father and brighten the world with the light of truth which is in Christ Jesus.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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