Street noise

Ever given any thought too street noise? In every city, town, or hamlet you will find the noise of life permeating the streets. During the daytime hours you can hear and see the hussell and Bissell of movement.

The sound of traffic, pedestrians rushing to and fro, children playing, work being done, and nature singing it’s song to the world. We are instructed to work while it is day for when night comes no man can work.

As the sun sets the street noise intensify, the night belongs to those who are comfortable dwelling in darkness. When nature closes her eyes to rest, evil awakens to prowell the night. Covered in the robe of darkness it seeks those it can distract, confuse and capture.

Music can be heard from bar lined streets, screams of innocent victims ring out, sirens screeching and horns blaring. For some it doesn’t matter day or night they are not affected. They have grown accustomed to the sounds accepting them as a normal way of life.

They fail to recognize the dangerous ground on which they tread. Then there are those who clothe themselves in the the light of love that they can function in the darkness of night without fear or falling prey to its allurements lurking to capture their attention.

They have found the secret to successfully triumph over the enemy. In the stillness just before day dawns, the noise subsides; the mind is clear, the heart open and the ears receptive the voice of the almighty can be heard in loving whispers shattering the stillness penetrating the heart.

It is when they meet him in the sweetness of this solitude they are strengthen for the new day and new battle with Street noise. Because they have basked in his presence they are fortified against plots or distractions of the enemy and any doubt that would cause separation from their power source.

When we are not prepared and see things as life as usual we fall prey to the deception of normalcy. We readily accept violence, hate, selfishness and Godlessness as the natural order of things not recognizing we have aligned ourselves with the enemy.

The noise of this  of life will not cease until our Redeemer returns and banishes evil therefore it is important that we are covered by his redeeming blood. Through his blood our eye’s can see clearly the snares of the enemy, our ears will hear his voice above the distracting noice of life and through his blood we can stand worthy of his reward.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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