What would you do over again ?

There comes a time in each life when we have too answer the question,”what have I accomplished with my life?”. At the end of each year we make resolutions to change the things that we think we could have done better.

We vow to become a better person than we were in the year that has passed. We review in our minds the time that has passed,the challenges we faced, the problems we overcame, old and new relationships, joy, sorrow, and our losses..

Sorting through our memories we try to decide what tokeep and what we should try to forget. Our next thoughts begin to focus on what the new year will bring. The challenges we will face and if we will be able to excel at whatever we set our minds to accomplish.

Many will consume their thoughts with worldly acquisition, meeting successful people, amassing great wealth, and being perceived as important. Others will recognize the new year as another opportunity for new life. A blessing from a loving Father  Creator to his children.

A chance to begin again,to seek out those we have hurt or offended,ask forgiveness, and show those we say we love that love in our actions. To share with others our blessings.  Develope a closer relationship with the father through the son.

Carry and leave the burdens of the old year at the foot of the cross then walk in the light of renewal and redemption. Beginning the year with prayer will set the tone for the rest of the year. Ask for direction , guidance in our decisions, and protection on our journey.

When we surrender our lives to him , he removes the stress life brings.. Our eyes are clear and his voice is heard above all the distractions of the enemy. No longer are we consumed by the temptations of this world, but we look forward to a eternal home.

May the love of the Father and his son surround you with their peace, joy and protection throughout this year.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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