An envelope of red

I sent the world a love letter in the form of my son enclosed in an envelope of red. It signified my love for you and the blood he shed. Your world today is far from what I intended it to be.

Filled with envy, greed, hate and bigotry, the eyes of man are clouded and I’m hard for him to see. The darkness may seem to cover my face hiding it from view but I’m still here with outstretched hands reaching out to you.

The light of love my son left behind continues to show the way, break the chains of darkness and chase the clouds away. He gives clear sight to those seeking light desiring to be renewed.

Open your heart to redemptive love freely available for you. Through his death on the cross,  he paid the price that set you free from sin. Giving the opportunity for you to start over again.

Turn away from the dark of night and choose to walk in the daylight. Let my love surround, redeem and renew; keep and protect your whole life through. Hold my hand as we walk the path never letting go.

The path won’t be smooth, the way might be long, at times you may feel you’re all alone, but fret not your heart.Stand in faith and be strong, you have my promise I will never leave you alone.

Remember the love letter sent to you in the envelope of red. A message of unconditional love, forgiveness and grace. Sent to a world gone astray, open the letter let it’s words fill your heart; accept the opportunity to make a new start.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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