My Christmas Prayer

I kneel tonight before your throne with concerns that fill my heart. So many of your people are alone and have no homes, children needing family, clothing and food. No one there to wipe away their tears or assure them all will be well, they see their lives as living in hell.

Today I spoke and smiled at a stranger passing by only to be greeted with a frown and sigh.Love seems to be fleeting and hope growing cold, no one seems to care; feeling they don’t belong.

My heart is saddened because so many have lost their way; afraid to love, afraid to care and some just afraid. I know your son came to light the way, to give us the courage to stand for those who are afraid.To show your love, forgiveness and grace to all who seek your face.

Help me to share your love with all that come my way, comfort and encourage others each and every day.Shower your children with blessings as it is your will to do, teaching us all that all we need we can find in you.

Open my eyes that I may recognise the pain my brother or sister is enduring, my ears that I can hear their silent cry for help and my heart that I may respond without being asked. Love is the only way to shine light into darkness.

Let your light shine through me as I travel along this journey. Keep my heart lifted up to your throne of grace, my head bowed down before your face and your Holy Spirit leading my way. I’m so thankful I can come to you in prayer.

Lay my burdens before your throne and leave my worries there. I have very little I can give to help my brother who is without so I lift him up before your throne to provide his needs, cover and protect, house and feed.

Fill his heart with your joy and love, please shine on him from above. It’s Christmas time we celebrate your wonderful gift of love. My heart now filled with joy is also filled with song. Thank you, Father God for listening and answering this prayer. Assuring my brothers and sisters that you are always there.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace




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