A special remembrance

The mind of man is a mystifying part of the body. It can function  in ways that causes man to pause in amazement. Many have tried to understand and explain all the inner workings of the mind.

Much like a computer the mind captures and stores the experiences of our lives. It categorize those memories as it store’s them. Those that cause us too smile or experience happiness are readily available f recall.

Those that cause pain or sorrow are so hidden by the mind it is harder to bring them to remembrance. We are more willing to erase the memories of discomfort, pain, sorrow, and heartache. Yet,we hold on tightly to the joy we receive from special remembrance’s.

We all at times in our lives create memories to be cherished,some captured in photographs,letters,cards,and some by the exchanging of a touch. These experiences enhance our life journey, we embed them in our minds and hearts where they are immortalized.

During the holidays most of us are reminded of a very special birth event which took place before our time on the earth. This event is recognized as Christmas . It’s central theme celebrating the birth of Emmanuel, God with us.

However the cause for celebration has been lost in the buying and selling of merchandise. The spirit of love that gave the child has been replaced by self gratification and greed. The real reason for the season is Love.

Unconditional self sacrificing love. Love from a broken hearted father separated from his children lost in darkness. Love in the form of a child offering redemption and reconciliation. Teaching the true essence of love.

To restore, forgive, and create relationships bringing the lost home again. As you prepare for this very special season of sharing with those you love remember the true reason for the season. Remember God the father is still seeking his lost children.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.




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