poured out

It was the most shameful way to die, a sure sign you were a criminal. They called it crucifixtion, scourging was considered a disciplinary action; although some scourging could lead to death. But the cross or tree was certain there was no escape until death claimed every breath of its victum.

When Cain killed is brother Abel the ground was saturated with his blood. Cain fell prey to  hate and envy, since that time the blood of the innocent has been poured out in every generaton that has graced the earth. The powerful & wealthy trample on those weaker than them.

Evil has no limits to the length it will go to be victorious. It will consume those who have a insatiable desire to be rich, who are williing to do anything it takes to accomplish their goal. The enemy requires you to pour out yourself completely to him,your reward the worlds riches.

The only problem is whatever you receive from him is temporary, yet; your bondage to him could be eternal. His plague of sin has stained the earth in red. Every facet of our environment has been tainted to some degree. Choosing to combat the sin that surrounds us requires us to be willing to pour out ourselves.

As if hanging on the tree we must give until our last breath is consumed.  The battle will be fearce & on going. We must be prepared daily to take up our weapons of warfare giving all we have to the fight. We must shed all the light we have on the deceptions & devises of the enemy.

We are to correct error through the word of God, lead those seeking to the great life giver, and grant agape love to all placed in our pathway. As the earth drinks in the rain poured upon it during the storm,we must be saturated with the sacrifical blood of Christ. Cleansed,renewed and fortified through the blood ready to stand.

We are lumps of clay awaiting the potters touch to become vessels for his service. When our tour of duty is over, our battles complete and we exit the battle ground we can say we have fought a good fight and now the fighting is done; we are prepared to meet the Father and his son.

Like the blood that fell from the tree of Calvery, we are poured out.

My revelation as I sit at the pool of grace.


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