who will serve?

Do you every think of yourself as a servant? Most of us think of servants as employees who grant your every need for an agreed upon compensation for the services rendered. Then there are those who have no choice, their decision to serve or not to serve has been taken away from them; they are forced to provide whatever service is required of them.

Servants are usually considered to have a lower statis than those they serve. They are given titles such as maid, butler, indentured and yes even slave. All of them denoting having lesser value than their masters. There is honor and dishonor in service depending on who’s servant you are.

The word of God tells us God sent his son as a servant to lost mankind. During his earthly sojourn he healed the sick, feed the hungry, freed sinners from their sins and taught love in all his actions. He was creator of all things; yet, he came to serve fallen mankind. To whom you render service his servant ye are.

Love was his motivator and every service he rendered came from a  place of love. Have you considered what would have happened to mankind had he not accepted our penalty of death? When you look at our world riddled with violence & hate, evil men reign, the poor are trampled under foot, and selfness is exemplified. What would you do with no hope of escape?

To have no choice but to serve the ruler of a lost & sinful world. How would you survive? The goal of the enemy is  for mankind to be eternally lost, separated from the only unconditional love available. The love of God through his son, Jesus the Christ. I rejoice in the enemy’s failure, I rejoice in Gods perfect sacrifice, I rejoice that he rose from and conquered death.

The service provided by his death & resurrection freed me from my sinful fate. His love has transended and continues to wrap me in it’s warmth. His service was given freely, its worth more than I could pay. He became a willing servant for me and you,a priceless gift. His only request of us is to tell his story of love, sacrifice, forgiveness, and redemption. To open our hearts that he can teach us to love as he loved.

Are you willing? Will you serve

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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