How to be happy

Life happens, we react; that is most of us. Some plan what they think will be every step of their lifes journey. Unfortunately, they fail to count on the question marks found along the way. The little surprises that turn out to be not so little.

The course changers, those things that cause us to redirect our path. Heartbreak leaves us broken unable to move on from the pain caused. Sickness incapacitates us leaving us trying to mend the damage done to our bodies.

Plans never seem to work out as we plan them,unexpected circumstances happen.  So how can we be happy?  Step 1- acknowledge you are not in control Step2- acknowledge there is a greater force that rules the affairs of men.

Step 3- acknowledge he is the supreme, omnipotent and all seeing Creator Step 4- Accept time will heal broken hearts and memories made from love never fade but lives on in the heart Step 5- accept there will always be uncertainty in life, challenges will come.

Above all, the most important step of all is to be thankful that we have life.” God sent his son that we might have life, and that abundantly”.  We are entering a season of thankfulness. Take time to reflect on the many blessing  you have received.

This  holiday season share your bounty with someone less fortunate, encourage someone who is going through a trying time, pray for those who are grieving the loss of family, feed those who are hungry and never forget to give God thanks for the opportunity to serve your brother or sister.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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