If not today, when?

Change is hard for many to accept. It is more comfortable to continue doing what you are use to doing.  We rarely realize change is inevitable, nothing remains the same. we try very hard to maintain the status quo failing to understand without change there is no growth.

Some are satified to be stagnate, to stay the same as the world rapidly transforms. Some think if they don’t acknowledge what is changing they are not accountable, ignorance for them is bliss. From  horse & buggy to automobile, wagon train to locomotive,smoke signal to telephone, and row boat to steam ship.

From traveling over the road to flying in the air, pen & paper to typewriter to computer and from verbal communication to text messaging.  Our lives are filled with constant transition. Yet, there are those who wish to remain in darkness and stagnation. The thought of change for them brings fear and dread.

I must admit all change is not good , for some sudden wealth is their down fall, violence has becme a booming business, hate seems to florish and mens hearts are growing cold and evil daily.  Even with all this, change is still necessary. Each experience is for our benefit.

Through change we shed the rough edges and our characters are refined. Through change we move forward into the destiny that awaits us. Through change we  grow in wisdom & knowledge of the world we live in.  Change is  revealing,renewing , and revitalizing. Change opens our hearts  to receive the blessings given by Father Creator.

We step from fear & darkness into love & light, from uncertainity to acceptance and from pain into joy. Forgetting the former things and reachiing for eternal things. Like the caterpiller becomes the butterfly, we must shed our sinful man and become a new man, santified for service.

come out of darkness and confusion, the doorway to change is open wide. To change is not as hard as you might think if yoou desire it in your heart. Why wait? if not today, when?. Don’t let the door close before you choose/// Help is waiting just across the threshold.

My revelation as I sit at the pool of grace.



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