Prayer and Praise

Every job done well expects acknowledgment; it may not be received, but it wants to be praised. Most people find a pat on the back or at a boy encouraging. No matter what you may be doing when you give  your all to its accomplishment; the expectation your efforts would be noticed is paramount in the mind and heart.

Everyone wants to feel the elation that praise gives. It is not only the huge task that needs recognition but the one’s others refuse to do . Those are the task that requires more determination because they are not pleasant or may be harder to complete. Encouragement feeds the soul creating a willing spirit in the heart to be used.

There will be times in life when you will need a helping hand.  You pray for help hoping it will arrive in time. Sometimes you may have to continue to pray until you get your answer. The answer may not be  what you expect to receive, you may have to walk alone, yet you are never really alone.

Our Heavenly Father is always ready to assist us, but we make him our last resort in time of trouble. We put  faith in what is tangible and close at hand, however; we should make him our 1st choice. Praying constantly placing our hearts needs and desires before him. Once again we may have to wait for our answer.

While we are waiting we must wait in expectancy adopting an attitude of gratitude & praise. When praises go up blessing comes down. Our lives are filled with reasons to praise him. Each new sunrise or sunset our eyes feast upon,each smile that graces a child’s face, mobility & health,family and friends just to name a few.

Praise and prayer can erase all the thunder clouds life sends your way. When the winds of life begin to change indicating a storm is on the horizon make him your first choice. Seek his face in prayer & praise and victory will be yours.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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