seeking his face

“In all things make your request known to God in prayer believing and you shall receive as it is his will to give unto you.” We must remember God knows what is best for us, he can see the beginning from the end and the end from the beginning. In his word, we can find the answer to all the questions of this life.

The Holy Spirit will reveal to our human understanding the mind of our Heavenly Father where we are concerned. His desire is that we know the truth about the depth of his love for us. When we search for him in his word, we will find him. When we ask for forgiveness of our sins, he will forgive us. When we open the door to our hearts when he knocks, he will come in and abide with us.

Each day is a new opportunity to be thankful for his loving kindness & mercy.Each day we should be grateful for the people in our lives; our families and friends. When we make “Jesus” the center of our lives our joy is complete. we can smile in times of turmoil,through sadness and in grief we can find peace in his loving care.

He is a constant that will never change, he is steadfast, immovable, and faithful to those who place their trust in him. Meet with him each day to renew your commitment, receive strength and to give him praise and thanksgiving for his mercy & grace.

Everything in our lives should begin and end with him.  No matter what our condition or circumstance may be, there will be those whose condition or circumstance is far worse. Whatever our situation we must be grateful. Willing to give of what God has given to us no matter how large or small the gift may be it can sill be a blessing to those who have nothing.

Show Gods love in your daily walk to others; a smile or kind word, a listening ear, and acts of kindness to strangers. In this life, we all have trials and burdens that weigh us down. We can rest in the assurance that Jesus is carrying the heaviest of our load and will never forsake us.

There will be dark clouds, storms & circumstances out of our control. Remember after every storm there is a rainbow and God the Father is in control of our lives if we have placed our trust in him. We must have faith that whatever he does it is for our good & the perfecting of our character.

Surrender, we must surrender to the working of the Holy Spirit that when our Lord returns we will be found worthy of his robe of righteousness and gaze into the face of love.

my revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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