Recognizing the need

Life can be so tumultuous, hard to understand, and filled with a crisis for many of us. There are times when we just don’t know what to do or which way to go. We climb one mountain only to see another in the distance.

We are never alone although it feels like we are stranded on an uninhabited island, we try to be so independent we don’t want to ask for help from anyone. We place a price tag on the help of others then assume we can’t afford their assistance.

We forget how great love truly is, how it covers a multitude of fault and how it is always waiting to love back those who embrace it. Often we struggle when we don’t have too. We allow stress and anxiety to rule our thoughts, everything we do is filled with worry. The question I propose to you , is why?

Why do we choose to fight our battles alone when help is available for the asking? Love surrounds us in our families, friends and sometimes even those we consider enemies. Why is it hard to recognize our need for help, who to ask for help, and how to be thankful for the help.

Now let’s just imagine if our friends and family supply the physical help we need & support us in time of turmoil; how much more will a loving creator who considers us his crowning glory of all he created.

His love unchangeable, his presence ever near, and his desire is to encircle us in his joy daily. He never sleeps, is not surprised by what we encounter or what we do, forgives our wrong choices, and corrects us in love with sympathy for our human frailties.

Acceptance of the love he offers will erase stress, anxiety, and fear from our lives. Knowing he is there whenever there is a need will bring comfort and peace. As he loves on us daily, we will learn to love on those around us.

His love changes everything that we are into everything he is and prepares us to spend eternity in his presence; but, we must first recognize our need for him in our lives.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace


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