Walking in your truth

There is a saying I’ve heard many times, “to thy own self ,be true”.  How often do we look into the mirror of life and see who we truly are? Our characters are formed by every experience of our lives. We grow from childhood to young adult, and  then to adult through each new adventure.

Our education begins with our parents, based on what their parents taught them we are enlightened. Their values become our values, their experiences shape our beginnings, their fears become our fears and their dreams are realized when we achieve our dreams. Unfortunately, life is not always fair and sometimes for reasons unexplained we suffer.

Our childhood years are not good ones for us. We hide them away in the darkness of our minds, with passing time we forget they exist.Everything we know revolves around home whether good or bad. Those years are designed to teach and prepare us for interaction with the outside world.

From these lessons too often the wrong impression is received, there are times when the lesson learned is selfishness, superiority, and deserving. we think the world is our oyster there for the taking.  However, the first interaction with the real world shatters our beliefs and we quickly realize we are important only to those who love us the most, our parents and family.

Relationships formed teach us lessons which enhance or question the life we are living. Our choices determine our consequences. More times than not those choices are based on our past personal experience allowing the past baggage of our lives to surface impacting our future.

The Past hurts and fears that we failed to resolve continue to plague our lives. These issues remain unresolved because we fail to walk in truth; to accept our portion of responsibility for whatever has happened in our life experience. There may be times when we don’t share in the cause and must acknowledge we are not at fault and not harbor guilt.

There is never one side to the story, yet; is it very hard to honestly look at the story from someone else’s perspective.  Most of the time we are too busy justifying our position as being right and not realizing the other person may feel the same way we feel. We must face the reflection we see in the mirror of life recognizing who we are and not who we think we are, self-reflection is sometimes hard but it is necessary.

Learning to allow others to be the individuals they are meant to be is as necessary for their growth as you being who you are meant to be is to yours. A person life does not revolve around what another person thinks it should be. We must not judge others by who we think they should be based on our needs, desires, or experiences.

Everyone must be allowed to walk in their own truth because our life experience is different our truth will never be the same truth. We can experience complete joy of life when we allow others the opportunity to be themselves and not expect conformity to our idea of who they should be, loving them for who they are not who we want them to be.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.



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