Breaking the cycle

Where do we begin? you work as hard as you can to provide a better home than you had. You remember how it was to be raised with no father, only a mother who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. You remember days when you didn’t eat and had nowhere to sleep.

Maybe you had a father but no mother, he worked so hard to provide he was often too tired to care about your concerns. Worried about how he would feed and shelter you was his primary concern. He didn’t know how to console you when you were hurting so you thought he didn’t love you .

All your life he was there for you, you had the best uncle in the world. So you thought until the first time he molested you. How could you tell your parent their beloved brother had done such a horrible thing. If you told would they even believe you?

He wined and dined you treated you like a queen, promised to give you the moon on a silver plate. You said “I Do”, now you’re wondering what happened to the man you thought you married. At times you think you are sleeping with a stranger. He has changed, he’s not the man you fell in love with; the one who promised you the moon.

They were your angels, you never imagined there would be a day you’d be without them.Now you understand the meaning of the saying”be careful who you have children with” and “momma’s baby, daddy’s maybe”.

You were the best father you knew how to be, yet; you are still denied the right to be with your children. What is wrong with this world? why does it seem good people are punished while bad people prosper? Is there a remedy for this imbalance? Can we break the cycle? How do we heal the hurts lurking in the hidden corners of the heart?

It was not supposed to be this way, in the beginning, there was a perfect balance. Disobedience created the imperfect world we inherited. Our first parents were deceived, the family structure destroyed by the sin that infected the world.

Hope lives through sacrificial love. Love that became a father for the fatherless, a mother for the motherless,shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, and healing and forgiveness for the hurting.

A walking, breathing example of love wrapped in humanity. He alone can restore the breach and bring perfect balance to the life of man. No matter  the circumstances life has given you he has the answer to solving the problems and breaking the cycle. He is called Emmanuel, God with Us.

My revelation as I sit at the pool of grace



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