His Touch

Each of us have been endowed with five senses;sight, speech, smell,hearing and touch. These gifts enable us to experience the amazing attributes of our creator. Through our eyes we view the beauty of the world in which we live. Natures rolling green meadows, trees dressed in hues of tans, purples and orange, snow capped mountain peaks and oceans blue. Streams and rivers clear as glass teaming with life.

We smell the sweet fragrance of flowers in spring as it floats on the breeze or the coming of a spring rain as it approaches. Our appetites are enticed by the aroma of food being prepared for consumption as well as the unpleasantness of unfavorable odors. In  the distance the sound of an instrument plays it’s melody, our attention is captivated as the tempo becomes clearer. We hear the notes as they rise and fall. A baby crying, laughter, and a gentle voice wouldn’t be possible without speech; the ears and mouth dancing to one beat.

A warm hug drawing one close to the heart, lips against the cheek, water against the skin or the heat of the sun as it radiates.   Simplicity of touch; the magnificence of a master artist. Each stroke of his brush against the canvas of life creating a master piece. Our lives are filled with the wonder & majesty of a loving creator, a forgiving Father, provider and protector. He has woven a tapestry of love into the very fiber  of our being.

He has touched our eyes that we see, our ears that we hear, our lips that we speak, and now he desires to touch our hearts that we might learn how to love. Love begins and ends with him for he is love. A life without him is a life without love.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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