The world stands on the verge of repeating itself.  Those seeking power disregard what is best for the masses to accomplish their own selfish desires for control. They court the evil lying dormant in the shadows of men’s heart to insight fear.

The courtship starts slow but steady; saying what they think will make the most impact to arouse anger ugly head. ” We are better than them”, “they need to be eliminated”, “we must regain superiority”, and ” save our world from destruction”.

The messages are subtle but still lethal; words have power.  we need to be mindful of what we say, once said it is hard to retract the damage that is done.  The pain caused lingers in the mind and heart, not easily forgotten.

Is there any wonder why the world is going crazy; morals are lost, kindness is fleeting, and togetherness is hanging by a thread. Good people stand by while good people die, who will stand for what is right?. Where is the outcry?

History records how indifference in the past opened it’s eyes too late while millions of lives fell prey to hate.  Voices silenced just because someone who saw himself as greater said they didn’t belong.

The enemy of mankind is trying to lull us to sleep, while he plans history to repeat; hate is his weapon of choice. Man’s inhumanity to man is perpetrated by the evil one and will cover the world if those who recognize him will not stand up.

Together we stand and divided we fall, this doesn’t apply to one group pf people but to all. What hurts me today as you silently stand by will hurt you tomorrow.  The hate that leaves your doorstep will return to its source.

Time to remove the blinders, we can no longer silently stand by watching as our world dies. We are all important, the apple of God’s eye; the war on hate must start with us. Only love will conquer hate but we must stand together we can’t afford to wait.

The many must take back control from the few who govern us all. Greed has corrupted their hearts and they make our laws. Equality must become a right not a privilege for a few. My eyes are now opened, what about you?

We have the power to change the world, your voice is important so make it heard.

Voting is the power of the people, use it.

My revelation as I sit by the pool of grace.


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