Conversation with my Father #5

For many years I didn’t understand what it meant to love you, I was given a  mother who nurtured me with a warm, loving, and sacrificing spirit. She was my first example of what love should be. In everything she did she displayed your love for me. I was however, caught up in the rituals of what I thought was serving and showing you love.

I didn’t realize then that the change had to come from the inside and that could only be accomplished through the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for the prayers of my mother,had she not prayed for me I would never have found my way to your glorious light of love. I am so thankful you didn’t cast me away but opened your arms welcoming me.

You washed the dirt from my face and gave me a new lease on life. You surrounded me with your love and my joy is endless. You have made me a rich woman in the land, my children honor me and my grandchildren shower me with love. I am called mother & grandmother by children I did not birth. yet, you have blessed me to be important in their lives .

My friends are numerous, they desire always my good.  We join together in praise and prayer for they love you as I do. I thank you so much for your precious son Jesus, the Holy Spirit and for your endless love, grace and forgiveness.


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