Conversation with my Father #4

I awoke this morning with the song “God Restores” singing in my spirit, Just the thought that you restore brought a smile too my face as I lay here realizing you have blessed me with another day of life.That you loved me enough to breathe into my nostrils  your love once again. My circumstances seem to melt away when I hear the refrain “with his healing hands I am made whole”.

I recognize it is only in Jesus wholeness exist, joy can be found in the midst of turmoil,peace when confusion is all around me, comfort when my heart is troubled and only in him is there salvation. I heard it said if my mind stays on Jesus there would be no room for the enemy to interrupt my thoughts with temptations.

Everything begins with a thought, the more I entertain the thought the more the desire to do it grows. If I allow the enemy to control my mind I will exercise my own selfish will and lustful nature. You knew I would not be able to defeat him and you sent me a weapon in Jesus, a shield against my fleshly desires. He places his life before me as an example of your love.

Your law is a template of your character, the enemy would have me believe I can’t keep your Law. He is right because it is my nature to sin but you sent Jesus that I may know your love and mercy. He lived a human existence and sinned not that through him I could be strong and stand against the enemy.

It is my desire to be like him, to keep his sinless life ever before me and to walk in his foot steps as I journey through this sinful world. I am so grateful to know you are a God of restoration and I am RESTORED.


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