Conversation with my Father #3

Brake every chain Father, every chain// Chains that consume my thoughts in the late hours of the night, chains that consume my thoughts during the waking moments of the new dawning day. Chains of fear,chains that keep me immobilized,chains that bind my emotions, chains that keep me from hearing your voice, chains that hinder me from making the right decisions,chains of people in my life I need to let go, and chains of worry,stress,confusion and indecision.

Release me Father, I am asking in the Most Holy name of Jesus the Christ; send your Holy Spirit to inhabit this temple with his keeping power. Bind my tongue that it speak only what is pleasing to your ears,cleanse and renew me in the image of your son. Erase the stains of my past and give me a new vision for my future. Strengthen me where there is weakness as it pleases you for I know your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

Give me wisdom that I may recognize my foes and the traps of the evil one and his angels. Reveal to me anything that I have made an idol that it may be destroyed. Take my heart , mind and transform them. I am a willing vessel to your service, prepare me for the tasks ahead; use me as you will according to your good pleasure. I am so unworthy of your mercy and grace, yet; you shower me with them daily.

When my skies are filled with dark clouds, when the rain comes and the thunder roars I can still see the light of your love peeking through the darkness, I can feel you holding my hand and your joy encourages me ; I know it will be over soon. On your shoulder I can lean and you will hold me up right not allowing me to fall. I know only you are the source of deliverance;  I wait on you Father, I wait on you//


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