Conversation with my Father #2

Father thank you so much for the pearls you have placed in my life, in 2 days my son will have his 47th birthday and 6 days later I will have another birthday. It seems so much time has passed and somewhere during that time span he became a man, his own self made man.

I never realized the impact my decisions would make on my children until I saw the reflection of them in their behavior. I just assumed I could live as I choose with no consequences to them for my actions. I now know  that if God is left out of my life, I then have no life.

I was carried away on the winds of emotions and false knowledge failing to understand everything begins with God and separated from him I was just a lost soul wandering aimlessly through time. Parents have dreams and hopes that the lives of their children will be better then theirs.

They wish for less struggle in the lives of their children, that they come to know who God truly is, how much he  really loves them and commit to serve him. To seek his face through his son Jesus the Christ who gave his life to redeem the lost misguided sinners of which I was one.

My desire is my son comes to know you Father who’s transforming love changes hearts, minds and characters. Life’s journey is not one of ease, sometimes there will be hills, valleys and even mountains to overcome, yet; if we travel with Jesus he will give us the strength to climb the hills and mountains guiding us to a victorious end.

He can erase the bad choices of our past and forgive the sins of our ignorance. He gives us hope and faith to believe “all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose”. I know some lessons can only be learned through experience and with time.

I have learned it is wiser to find the face of God in ones youth and with time grow deeper and deeper in love with him. I am so grateful I opened my heart so that I could hear the love song being whispered in my ears. I regret the time wasted as I Waller in the pig pen of a filthy world.

Entrapped by a superficial love and enslaved by it’s false glamour. I am grateful my eyes were opened so I could see his out stretched hands biding me to come, so grateful for each time you wiped away my tears, so grateful for each time you minded my broken heart and there were many.

With each passing day you reveal your love for me more and more bringing me new mercies. Your word revives me and brings me peace in time of storms. I rest on your promise to always be with me so I am never alone. So as one year is dying and another is being born I am so grateful to see your touch in everything around me.

I feel the breeze on my skin, I hear the birds sing, I understand our time on this earth is but a whisper and my eternal future will be determined by the choices I make today.  I am filled with great joy anticipating the opportunity to learn more and grow closer to my Lord, to love more, give more and to seek out the lost.

To find those who like me are sinking in  muddy water looking for a way out,to be more obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit, stand firm in my faith and to be a vessel that you can use for the work you would have me to do. It is my greatest desire to bring Glory, Honor, & Praise to you  by the living of my life.

Father where you lead I will follow


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