Conversation with my Father #1

So many things to be thankful for as I lay here writing by candle light, I realize how quickly things can change.  No matter how brief the interruption my life is affected. How it is affected is a choice, I can choose to be impacted negatively or I can choose to be impacted positively.

The word of God teaches “in all things give thanks”, doesn’t matter if the circumstances are favorable or not I am to be Thankful. Adversity comes to all but what we do when adversity comes will determine who we are serving.

Through our trials we grow in our faith, through our faith our love grows and in our obedience our trust grows. No matter the situation we are never left without hope. Jesus loves us so much he said he would never leave or forsake us, he is just a prayer away.

Sometimes the pressure of our lives seem to be unbearable and the problems insurmountable. One thing after another falling like dominoes, yet; we can still claim the victory through our loving Father and our redeemer his son. He has invited us to bring our burdens to him and leave them.

So Father I come releasing everything into your hands. Have your way Father God, have your way.


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