Better late than never

Is waiting a bad thing? sometimes you can avoid problems by short delays in time. Your schedule is set and for some unknown reason you get a slow start. You later find out that had you been on schedule you would’ve been right in the middle of a six car pile up.

The work day has ended and you’re eager too get home, but;wouldn’t you know it the elevator is out again. Though you don’t like the idea of walking down eight flights of stairs, you start down.

When you reach the lobby police are everywhere. The bank in the lobby of the building has been robbed, two are dead and three injured. One of them could have been you. Procrastination in some cases can be a good thing.

There is one, however; who uses this as a tactic to create havoc in the lives of those who serve the great “I Am” and those seeking to find salvation and freedom through him. Satan is his name, deception and murder is his game.

He has no sympathy, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. Too think you can out smart him is suicide. Too even fight against him you must be heavily armored. The armor needed must be of a special origin.

First you must choose to serve under a general who has defeated him in the past, his name is Jesus the Christ. Your relationship with him must be strong, grounded in his Holy word. He must have complete control.

You must be willing to follow his battle plan, no deviation is allowed. You must stay at the ready for war. You should respond immediately to the attacks of the enemy to wait could be devastating.

It is important that you not procrastinate, your strike must be decisive and complete. There is no room for error, the enemy will take advantage of any weakness. You must know the word is sure, your faith is steadfast and you are obeying the general.

You should be immovable leaning on your leader to secure the victory. If you are seeking a way out of the captivity of the enemy, the time is now.  The general is always accepting new recruits, war weary travelers who feel there is little hope. Tired of the chains that bind them.

It is better late than never, but; don’t continue too wait . Seek his deliverance now while the battle is raging. He will heal your battle scars,give you clean clothes, restore your hope and renew your joy for life abundantly.

My revelation as I sat by the pool of Grace.


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