No promise for tomorrow

” I can’t do it today, maybe tomorrow”. “Tomorrow I’m going to wash the car.”  ” I don’t have time now, but I will have time tomorrow.” So  often we find ourselves saying these types of things. We never stop to think that we are not promised tomorrow, today is all we have and even that can change at a moments notice.

Life holds no guarantees, our lives are but a whisper of smoke that could dissipate in the twinkling of the eye. Each day we wake to life is a new opportunity to create change, to help someone, to praise God and thank him for grace & mercy. It is the breath of God that calls us from the sleep of death to a new day of life.

It is important that we use the opportunities we have each day to their highest potential. We must stop postponing things we could do today for tomorrow, tomorrow may never come for you; today may be all you have. Don’t fail to tell someone you love them, hold them in your arms, and enjoy their presence.

Shower them with your sunshine making  pleasant memories before the tears fall. The uncertainty  of life will bring rain clouds and thunder storms, here today gone tomorrow is a reality for some. It is not reserved for a few, we all fall into this category. Yet, we who have a relationship with God the Father and trust in Jesus the Christ can have hope.

Our tomorrows will be ceaseless. Although tomorrow is not promised, the Father has given the opportunity to choose endless tomorrows. Seek his heart, give your self to him, surrender completely to his will and rest on his promise of eternity. None can afford to miss the opportunity to build a love relationship with our Heavenly Father.

We must accept the gift of eternal life offered by the blood sacrifice of our big brother Jesus on our behalf. Procrastination is a devise of the enemy, don’t delay seek them today to secure your tomorrows.

My revelation as I sat by the pool of grace.


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