When the real thing comes

A very popular drink on the market today claims”it’s the real thing”. This indicates originality, the first, and it is not a substitution or duplicate of something else. Most of us would search the world from corner to corner to find what would be considered the “real thing”.

But do any of us know what is truly the “real thing”? I’m sure it would be different depending on who you ask. To be independently wealthy for some would be the answer, that perfect job for others,good health would be on the top of someones list and no worries would be most important for some.

Can you say you would be able to recognize it ” when the real thing comes along”? What would be it’s characteristics? How would it look? How would you capture it’s attention? The original world at creation was the real thing, it was perfection before sin marred it’s reflection.

The love God expressed for his fallen creation was the real thing, he gave his life for it’s redemption. The death of Christ on the cross was the real thing, it was the perfect sacrifice. The resurrection of Jesus the Christ is the real thing,it was the beginning of new hope for a dying world.

Love has taken wings through the life of Christ, she has spread herself abroad. She doesn’t care who you are, what you may or may not have, what you may or may not have done, or where you come from; but, is concerned about your journeys end. She loves in times of joy & sadness, in times of trial & tribulation, and she never turns anyone seeking her away.

Her arms are always open to receive the wounded and lost. Her presence transforms the life.She gives all of herself to those who need her. She is the treasure of truth,she is a watchful protector, she is light that shines into darkness and she illuminates the heart of man with  love from the heart of God.

When we accept the love of God in our lives, allow it to change us and share his love with others; we have found what truly matters. “The Real Thing” which is unconditional Love.

My revelation as I sat by the pool of grace.


2 thoughts on “When the real thing comes

    1. I know it seems hard to think that after the type of lives we have lived God could still love us, but that was why he died. He wanted us to know how much he loved us no matter who we are or what we have done. As a mother you know you love your child unconditionally no matter what they do. If you take the love you have and apply it to God the Father you will know how much he loves you and all you have to do is believe it just like you aspect your children to believe you love them. We complicate what is really simple it all comes down to belief.


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