Where is the love

Many years ago a very popular song asked the question “where is the love”? It was as if love had taken a sabbatical or meet with some terrible end and was no more.  I guess if we stop the rat race we’re in called life and take a long look at the state of our world we would wonder no more.  The answer would be clear, we have become too self involved to love anyone else.

Our main focus is on our own wants and desires. This is not always a bad thing unless we exclude the wants and desires of others from the equation of life. We should be concerned for the quality of life for all living things.  Love has not abandoned us; but, somewhere along the way we lost sight of her. We forgot the joy of love, her beauty,her warmth, her sacrifice, her patience & understanding and her acceptance as well as her forgiveness.

Life closed in on us and we became robotic just going through the motions, but missing the exuberance that love gives to enhance life.  We use the words “I love you” very loosely failing to recognize love is a word that requires action.It is expressed when one heart touches another providing a greater depth of clarity to the soul.

I’m reminded of the greatest story of love ever written. It had a number of different authors, all who painted a picture of undeniable love.  It’s focus pointed to a life of sacrifice, forgiveness, surrender and service to others. This book covers past, present and future. It’s pages are filled with wisdom and knowledge.

Sometimes it is necessary for correction; yet, even with correction love is present. It’s value is immeasurable but it is free to all. It is the story of a loving Father calling out to his children. It holds the secret to finding love again. It’s title is The Holy Bible, open it’s cover,read it’s pages and let love find you//


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