Message of love from mother to daughter

Today is the most important day of our lives. It’s so  important because it brings us both to a most crucial fork in the road. Today “you” my little girl become a woman. This the beginning of all your tomorrows, your childhood dreams will  become memories while the young woman you are becoming reaches for the stars.

From this point forward your goals for the future must be placed in the proper prospective. There is nothing out of your reach, anything you desire or can conceive in your mind is attainable. Seventeen years ago I conceived you, I was unaware of the change you would bring to my life and the responsibility involved with the birth of a child.

I was blessed to have a mother who understood life far better than I, although we couldn’t communicate our innermost feelings very well I recognized her love for me. As you grew inside my body I shaped your character, what you are today is a product of who I am. My understanding, moral values, my failures and my successes.

I’ve never been secure in my role as a mother to you, however; I’ve tried to be what your needs required. There are times when I feel I’ve cheated you of important elements in your growth. Elements a loving father brings to the family. Yet, as a family we were blessed with togetherness.  All this is probably unimportant to you now but hopefully it will help you later in life.

You have gone through some challenging experiences in your brief years of life but they will not compare to what you will experience if you don’t invest in learning who you really are. Examine yourself, know what you like and what you dislike, know your needs from your desires, what makes you happy as well as what causes you pain. Your life should be better than mine, your expectations higher because your sacrifices will be greater than mine could every be.

Sharing is a beautiful experience which grows in it’s intensity the more  you give  of yourself. Remember to love others freely you must first love self. You are in a cocoon soon to blossom into a beautiful butterfly; a fragile and gentle creature of the universe. It is time for you to learn & analyze what is said,think before you speak, to understand  & be considerate of others and to indulge in experiences that are enriching to your life.

On this special day my gift is the hope that when you reach the next step in your life journey and for whatever the reason I am not there you will be able to find your way without me. Search for the lesson in every situation, with a determined mind you can overcome any obstacle. Understand your choices and be willing to accept the consequences of your actions.

Maintain a humble spirit as you acquaint yourself with the games people play. Be willing to accept the positive as well as the negative traits of the travelers in your life, allow them the space to be themselves; not who you think they should be. Learn to acknowledge disappointment without bitterness , take no pleasure in the heartache of others and wipe the tears of those who are weaker then you.

Continuously seek knowledge, exemplify positive energy as you learn to control negative urges. You will be in love many times. A childhood sweetheart, a teen age crush and as a woman, but it is most important to remember your greatest love affair should be with your Creator. When you choose to share your life with a mate look for those qualities which are important to your growth as an individual and as a couple. Make God the center of your relationship.

Be willing to give up the luxury of being selfish,totally independent, lazy sometimes, be willing to acknowledge and accept his faults as you do your own. Invest in yourself, your family and your future free from the fear of what tomorrow might present to you. Don’t be afraid to give of yourself and remain open and receptive of the gifts others bring to you. This letter is a tangible expression of my love for you. My heart will be eternally linked to yours and your pain will always be my pain. So fly my little butterfly, fly. You will always be my first love.

My revelation as I sat at the pool of grace.



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