Warfare is a planned event, the enemy studies his opponent before he launches his first strike. He looks at the strengths of his adversary and he looks for his weaknesses. He knows he has no chance of victory without preparation.

Considering the first strike may not be enough to accomplish the task, he plans for either a short battle or a long siege depending on the out come of the first strike. While he is in the planning stage he evaluates his own vulnerability and fortify s  his position against any retaliation that might come in response to his actions.

He must be constantly on the attack to gain victory. As children of the Most High God we have such an enemy. His objective is to win at all cost.He attacks on many fronts; the home & family, the mind & body, and our faith and trust just to name a few. Nothing is off limits too him.

Doubt is one of his greatest weapons, it creeps in under the radar then begins to grow until we become unsure of who we are  and what we believe. Confusion is another weapon he uses to distract and clutter the mind. When we are confused we lose the ability to see clearly how we are being misdirected.

We can’t seem to understand the why of the situation; which is so important to the resolution of the matter. Then comes anger, he now attacks the emotions. When anger is present there is no control. We do and say things that hurt each other; even the ones we love.When words are spoken in anger it is hard to heal the pain they cause. The enemy uses this pain to keep our minds lingering on the hurt, perpetuating the problem.

If we have no defense against anger; rage raises it’s ugly head and our actions become unpredictable and irrational. We fail to recognize our responsibility in the situation, we try to justify our actions rather than accept the part we played in creating the problem. We want to appear to be the victim not understanding both are victims of the enemy,  he has you just where he wants you. Destruction is eminent if there is no change.

As Gods children we are taught to be angry, but sin not. We know we are in a battle that requires daily preparation, our battle strategy begins with prayer which fortify s us for whatever the day brings. We clothe ourselves with the light of love, we walk with the Holy Spirit and we are guided by the word of God. We are covered under the Blood of sacrifice, but who have you warned?

We are not the only ones fighting the battle, all are the Fathers children though some have gone astray. Will you let them perish knowing you can help them?Someone must show them the way to the light. Those who are trapped in darkness may need you to pull them to safety, one hand reaching for another. Shelter from the battle is available to all who wish to defect.

The enemy will not let go of his captive without a fight to maintain control. Resistance is the key, the word says “resist the devil and he will flee”. You must first be fortified by the redeeming blood of Christ Jesus. Without the right weapons for the battle defeat is certain. We must make no mistake our enemy is a formidable opponent who uses our human experiences against us if we are not grounded in the truth. Not truth as you see it from your prospective but the truth as God has declared it too be.

We must be willing to forgive as we want others to forgive us, we must be accountable for what we have said and done,we must recognize our need for a saviour, and surrender to his transforming love.By allowing him to remold our lives into his character we accept his fortification and the victory over sin is won.

My revelation as I sat by the pool of grace.



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