The Twilight hour

I’m sure we have all had times in our lives when we seem to be in limbo. The direction we need to take is unclear and we are perplexed by the choices we have before us. We try to weigh the consequences of each choice before we make our decision. Yet, we find we are still without answers.

It is in these moments in life we need to find a quiet place, lift our hearts to the Father, leave all our concerns behind and listen with our hearts. Once we still ourselves; block out all the distractions, our hearts are open to receive and our ears to hear, He will speak.

We may have to wait until the noise of this world is silent or in the twilight hours when all is still and nature is at rest. The Father doesn’t slumber nor sleep, he is always awaiting our communion with him. He stand ready to speak peace to our confusion,shed light on our pathway and give us clear instructions.

It is in those quiet moments we hear him clearly. The white noise of the world cannot interfere with the receiving of his truth as  he speaks life to every fiber of our being. As the filament lights up the bulb giving light to a dark room, his love saturates all the darkness that surrounds us bringing renewed strength and hope of victory.

All our perplexities will be removed and we will break forth like the morning sun, vibrant and assured with greater focus knowing the Father has made the road ahead smooth. There is something very special that happens when we meet with the Father at twilight that makes the new day spectacular.

My revelation as I sat at the pool of grace.


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