Misplaced Trust

There once was a man who had a dream, a dream for all mankind. He saw a future world where man was color blind. The colors in the crayon box had melted from the sun and all different colors became one. A rainbow that equally displayed all it’s many hues,a sight that radiated beauty from every view.

What a shame it was just a dream where all men could truly be the men they were created too be. The spark their creator placed inside would bloom for the good of all mankind. But some of the soil was tainted, the seed of love could not grow. Only God can read the heart so the people didn’t know those they gave the power to rule would misplace their trust.

The plan to better the world for the common man was sold to the highest bidder;so the rich stayed rich ,the poor stayed poor, and there no longer is a middle. Honesty sold himself to anyone with money to buy, justice turned her head and closed her eyes.Leaders over the world fight each other for more power, while their people suffer they live in their Ivory towers.

Why do we trust them to do what is right for the masses? Power brings pride,selfishness,corruption and greed. Though we know our leaders don’t lead,we still fail to take heed. They have no consequences for their failure to lead. We the people have the power God gave all the right to choose.

Your choice will determine if you will win or lose. It’s time to stop making the same mistake by trusting those who only know how to take and take. We have been conditioned to except the pain, that our voices don’t count and things will never change. The message to our leaders must be loud and clear. We stand united in the dreams we hold dear.

Changes must be made if our trust they desire, no longer will we accept empty promises meant to inspire. It’s time to put on our thinking caps, demand what is right from those we elect. This country was formed on blood and sweat,we must stop putting it in the hands of those who are out to get all they can get.

Their bills are paid with money to spare, while we struggle from pay check to paycheck. Time to read between the lines before you decide who is worthy of your trust.Don’t be confused by the rhetoric they speak, be honest with yourself. If the message they bring is not one of unity how can your dreams come true?

Whatever affects most of the people will eventually affect you, so be careful who you choose. Your value of life will depend upon those you select to rule.

My revelation as I sat at the pool of grace.


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